Friday, 24 February 2012

Don't Look Back Motion Study by Nicole Wilk

Practical Experimentation 

Don't Look Back
by Nicole Wilk

During an in-class exercise to help us learn about contrast in motion I used charcoal to distinguish texture within a spatial frame, though I drew the girl considerably smaller than the caterpillar, she has been blown up larger. That the only 2 characters in the study do not share the same line dimensions indicates that one of them is of an irregular size, likewise the movement aspect differs as the animation plays out when something occurs that alters the changes and contrasts movement within the piece. In this experimentation I used After Effects to differentiate the speed of motion, as well as direct movement within the time-based program.   
Walking Silhouette
by Roshanth Nadesapillai

The following is a paper silhouette printed with ink, cut out, then photographed, cut again in photoshop, and then added to After Effects where the pieces were animated by Roshanth in After Effects, under my tutelage. This was Roshanth's first brush with After Effects and the and the goal he had set was to animate the motion of walking in a time-based application. Here, he likens his silhouette figure to a paper-cut-out-doll and manipulates each piece within a timeline, not obeying the natural joints of the human body but by creating a separate motion due to the technology he has at hand.

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