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Paper printed stop-motion silhouette CG animation

Bad Apple!
Paper printed stop-motion silhouette CG animation

Beautiful use of stop-frame animation. When the video starts a hand places a small paper square on a small stand on a greed grid. This cements that the viewer understands that the video is created using small pieces of paper. What I particularly enjoyed was the frame rate printed just below the image (most likely to keep track of the paper, but also to show the viewer the process of time).  The creators soon remove the paper (which is animating quickly) into the air on string with the gesture of a character throwing an apple. The camera becomes a key player in the animation as it, as well as the animated scenes, zoom in, changes angles, and sets the frame of the video. Other techniques were to hold the camera still and have the paper move, and rotate. When a shadow is incorporated the creators created a physical shadow over the paper, and when the work inducated darkness would cover the scene in a shadow, then used fire the character had created to burst concentrated light unto the paper.  At another point there are three pieces of animated paper at once, and when zoomed in to one shapes burst out of the page and rotate away.

It quickly becomes apparent that the square of animation in the paper is properly aligned, always, which means a lot of work was done in editing to ensure that each frame of 6565 was perfectly connected. 

This work is a beautiful display of art and it incorporated so many aspects of animation including stop-motion by mizing computer art printed on paper and assembled with a camera. The animation itself is absolutely amazing, but it pales in comparison to the techniques used to highlight that work as described in the first paragraph.

Bad Apple!! - Stop Motion PV 

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sm9519847 - コマ撮り実験アニメ「6566/6566」【Bad Apple!! PV【影絵】アレンジ】.mp4

**EDIT2: Ten months later and this video reached 1 million views. Thanks a lot everyone who spent time watching "Bad Apple!!" Extra special shoutout to those who felt inspired after watching this video. I can't take any credit for its creation but if it help bring a smile to y'all then I'm pleased.

*EDIT: Less than a week, the video has nearly 200k views and featured on Cirno ⑨ News Network. To show my thanks, I added annotations translating the song with a few comments during the interlude and ending. I prefer to watch it w/o annotations first to appreciate the video first. Then watch it the second time reading the subs if you are interested in the song.

It's been a while since I last uploaded something from Nico Douga and this one caught my eye. Followers of the Touhou game franchise would recognize the source song and video "Bad Apple!!" by nomico as it maintained 7 solid weeks on top of the Nico Nico Douga weekly rankings.

For the record, I don't own the video. It was uploaded by Shige-ruuu on If you have a Nico account, check out his other videos at - mylist/767941


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Used an adjustable lamp, green-grid matte, rotating circle table, a clicker button... what appears to be a web cam on a positioning device.  Sheets and sheets of printed out, and then cut frames, that were stored - in order- in a box.

Bad apple stop motion - making of 


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The music starting at 01:58 is IDOLM@STER「てってってー」(miku)


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