Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fish Stop-Motion

Self Study
by Nicole Wilk

This is a 15 second stop-motion animation clip. I wanted to explore a continuous stop-motion project, which would have succeeded better had it not been a windy day knocking the porcelain fish off stones, this hindered the continuity aspect of the shooting. I do not have a clicker for photo-taking. In the birthday cake stop motion I learned that a clicker would have made things infinitely easier as it would free my hands and maintain even images throughout the shoot. Unfortunately, the wind also blew the tripod and affected accuracy again.

I started the shoot by projecting the locations of the cat and the 3 fish, then altered that perception by changing their locations during the movement of the piece. A part of this project goal was to incorporate the texture of stone and light as a reflection of the underwater ground, but at the same time to separate the cat of this reality with the grass background. I played with the angle of the camera and had my fish move in and out of the frame as well as to hint the location of the other fish by having them enter the frame.   

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