Thursday, 12 April 2012

Béatrice Coron: Stories cut from paper

 Thanks to Professor Franci Duran  who shared this artist with me.

When I first watched this video about Béatrice Coron and her work of converting flat paper into stories with nothing more than the medium (paper) itself I was amazed at what one can accomplish. Paper is a tactile surface that has long been used to draw on, be coloured upon, and have things glued to - but what Coron does is use paper itself to create art. She uses negative and positive space to tell entire stories and create entire worlds with cutouts.  This begs the question, why did Coron decide to use paper as art, she said this:
"So, I chose paper-cutting because paper is cheap, it's light, and you can use it in many different ways."

Corin wasn't an artist, in fact it was only late in her life that she re-invented her identity. Well learned about the world and languages, Corin spent a fair chunk of her life in countries other than France and has taken up various odd jobs in her life. She's resided in China, Egypt, Mexico, and the States. It was in 1985 that she moved to New York and reinvented herself as an artist. 

 "And I chose the language of silhouette, because graphically it's very efficient, and it's also just getting to the essential of things"
 I share an affinity for Corin's love of silhouettes, and find that a great amount of detail can be attained in the outline of a shape. Silhouettes to me are a breakdown of how the mind can interpret design, and offer a more abstracted but often powerful image in its simplicity. I have just begun to work with silhouettes, but Corin has spent her artistic career working and assembking them, she has this to say:

My silhouettes are a language I have developed over the years. I create artist books for viewer to step in, or fine arts with illustration methods. I favor an expression that would involve all my creative instincts. With full and empty shapes, everything must fall in place: one’s place in the world. 

Corin is a  women who creates entire worlds with her silhouettes.

All art was taken from Corin's website which can be visted HERE.

Béatrice Coron's art is not static, nor is is entirely flat. Because her art maintained the same form as she grew as an artist, she expanded her art in the experience of it. Coron's work can be taken off the wall, it is not confined as many conventional art is, after all, a painting can only be experienced by having it angles right and a person standing a certain distance away. This is not the case in Corin's work. She moves her pieces from thhe hall, creates art that is meant to be stood behind, worn, and even experienced with wind. I find Corin to be a truly dynamic artist and one I will look to for inspiration myself.

Written by Nicole Wilk

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