Thursday, 12 April 2012

Colour Animation Study

by Nicole Wilk

Colour is a vast subject to study, so I narrowed down the goal of this project to incorporate the shifting and blending of colours. I wished to create a piece like this since I'd created a similar technique in opening to the video What I See. But more than that I've watched how mesmerized people are in the McMaster Mac Lab when the screen saver, an aurora of colours, come on the screen, and once I witnessed a student snap pictures of the screen saver with their cell. 

Taking this idea of merging colours further I photographed a journey on a bus. These images captured an array of colours over a 20 minute period of new locations. With these, I zoomed into the image to the max (600x) which amplified and isolated most colours from the image. This idea was conceptualized in a previous Vector project where we isolated a square of an image from a magazine and combined 5 of them to create an art piece.   

Once the images were blown out of proportion I added layering effects to merge the colours into themselves and then used photo's from the shoot to give the mind a focus point and maintain interest halfway through the production. This piece has no audio as I did not wish to distract the viewer or have the viewer time the shifting of colours to a beat.

A Study of Colour

Below are the original images. All these images are included in the video above, most 2-3 times from different sections of the photo.

From the view of a bus

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