Thursday, 12 April 2012

Rotoscoping Fan-Based Transition Video

  Character Dance Hit!

Without knowing the context of the video I found this, and many other animated videos on the web. These videos are all fan-based and include characters from anime participating in certain movements to transform into other characters.

【手書き】 何系でもないメガテン 

This video is from a video game, turned anime, Persona 3. And at the time when these videos were a hit on youtube this was the best one that I could find. At the time I did not know of rotoscoping and thought one artist had done the work, and others had copied. In my search for information about this blog I discovered the source of the clip which was an ad (I think for jackets) with a popular asian boy band.  I believe there are as many as 400 drawings to get the animation smooth, and drawers had to incorporate characters different outfits, and facial expressions.  

Once I found the boy band video, which was the source, I found an assembled compilation of some of the videos that were created by fans. Though it's not shown here I believe some fans mimicked other fan-drawn videos which caused some of the rotoscoping art to degrade over tracings.

Nanidemonai Collection


 I believe this clip to be a brilliant display of artistic ingenuity. The drawers have taken a live clip and rotoscoped it in various ways. At about 0:52 of the video above the artist added in a hair swipe, where the character incorporated a movement to restyle his hair.  The second dance shown at 1:07 uses only 2 characters who experience distinct wardrobe changes without incorporating the jacket aspect of the original video. At 1:26 you can see that the artist played with the original intent of the jacket motion. At 1:38 the artist incorporated colour, but didn't finish the video. At 3:27 the artist incorporated the jackets, but saw fit to change them to styles the characters would wear. 

I think rotoscoping has found a fan-based niche in the world of anime and video games, where popular dance video's or commercials can be interpreted by fans who wish to see their favorite characters do something amazing.   

Written by Nicole Wilk


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