Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Peer Review of Tatterhood

on Storyboard, Script, & Rough Cut

by Nicole Wilk

Our professor in Animation believes that we should be presenting our work to be reviewed by others. I've found this process to be helpful as my ideas are usually rounded off and receiving feedback on the project that would make it better or more understandable has been helpful. But more than that, by reviewing the class progress we witness the process of others in the class which I have found largely beneficial. I believe this helps us compare what level of work should be submitted, and to inspire other creative choices.

Feedback session in class about the storyboard and script

When Tatterhood the trailer was shown to the class there were many questions and comments. Praise for the artwork and mood, but also a consensus that our book trailer didn't feel like a book trailer. It was too theatrical. A change in the order of the trailer was needed with the introduction at the beginning, and a hint or direct statement of the story's origin as we centered the visual concept on the age of the story and the Nordic roots.

feedback in class after the rough draft

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