Thursday, 12 April 2012

A look at Music Art

A look at modern & abstract art with music

This video was found by a friend who fell in love with the illustrations and song, and then shared it. The video takes a modern take on the abstract form of art.
The opening scene starts with shifting cardboard cutouts of an audience, and a collage-assembled stage. Creatures and limbs hop unto stage with signs for heads to introduce the video.  

When the main character appears she instigates animation, by opening her mouth (wide) rain starts to fall on stage, and she abruptly closes her mouth the stage shifts to a new dark location where weird eyes on poles mimic stop lights, with bushes that are made up of hands. My favorite scene is a simple one: at 0:37 the girl is singing in colour on a plate, everything is cast orange and scales boarder the top and bottom of the frame. Carp swim around her and as she sings bubbles come out of her mouth. The scales on the boarder move at odd intervals, this is very simple but effective.


This video incorporated computer-based collages to create a simple yet effective piece of commercialization art and was an unofficial PV for Yoeko Kurahashi. I enjoy this video and wanted to share it because of the effective use of creative imagery, the adaptation of media, and the conventions of art used.  

Written by Nicole Wilk 


From the source

歌:倉橋ヨエコ / アルバム「婦人用」収録曲「夜な夜な夜な」ショートver
映像:エジエレキ / 映夜祭'07 公開作品 / 非公式PV

Song:Yoeko Kurahashi / "Yona yona yona"(short ver.) from Album "Fujin-yo"
movie:Edielec / Played in Eiyassa'07 / unofficial PV








If you enjoyed the above video, I urge you to check out the one below:



This video incorporates shapes using a girl with a shawl to create her environment, incorporate her environment, make copes of herself and use shapes to perform transitions. Simply Beautiful. Check it!



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