Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Animation Process with Ying Shan


Ying had expressed that he wished to learn how to use Flash, and this desire along with Lisa's willingness to teach is why we selected Flash as our animation software. Although willing to teach, Lisa would explain how to accomplish a task and then leave to do her work at home. This lead to a fair bit of complications as she wasn't around during the process when questions arose. To make up for Ying's inability to complete the Flash animation as quick as she can Lisa took on more scenes.

As Ying didn't have the silhouettes to reference and Lisa's silhouettes were different in every scene she drew, we sat down as a team and Lisa finalized the silhouettes. This was something I had been pushing for a couple weeks and was glad it happened. Ying used the silhouette templates to create the spinning world silhouettes, but had issues understanding how the scene was suppose to play out. He thought Suki stayed on one position of the world, and then the world had to fully rotate three times. The issue with this is that the amount of screen time Suki has is dramatically reduced. and the sheer number of other silhouettes have no purpose.

To explain the scene fuller I drew a demonstration in Paint and sent them to Ying.

Paint Explanation


Ying's first Flash animation was to draw and animate the buildings. His second, to do the world. Third, to do the ending graduation scene, and fourth to animate the confusion in the classroom.

The buildings were successful, although he had issues with the world scene. Lisa agreed to quickly re-animate it so the characters could enter the frame according to the charts above. She also replaced Ying's ending animation which incorporated a car and a house that grew from the ground. This was because the scene had clip-art in it (I believe the graduation hat and briefcase), she didn't ask for permission before re-doing his scene (which was mend-able and the concept worked). I thought his ending scene had more impact than what Lisa had decided: flash animated fireworks.

To make up for his lack of working contribution to the animation Ying put his all into animating the clustered words in After Effects. He asked for clarification as to what needed to be animated as the words we used were not in his vocabulary yet. And then asked others what they thought throughout his progress. He used a 3-D effect that had the layers separated to highlight the confusion of the words. 

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