Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Project Information

Project Spec's

Written by Franci Duran

Communication Studies and Multimedia – MMEDIA 3H03—Advanced Digital Animation—Winter 2012

Character Portrait—Rough Cut and Final Project Deliverables

Rough Cut
Posted to vimeo or youtube before class and ready for presentation to class.

Value: 15% of assignment
  • A rough-cut contains all of the sequences of your movie in order and with audio or text-based voice-over.
  • We must be able to understand your portrait without explanatory notes.
  • Major “movements” within the animated elements must be evident or most of the defining artwork is in place.
  • Timing does not need to be refined.
  • Titles, effects, sound design do not need to be complete, but put in necessary placeholders so that we can
  • understand your portrait.
  • You need to able to address class and instructor feedback and questions in a professional manner.
  • You must actively participate during the peer review process

Rough Cut Evaluation
/5—Level of completion
/5—Effectiveness of Rough cut

Final Project
Value: 60% of assignment

  • uncompressed .mov file (on DVD);
  • final movie posted to your blog;
  • interview transcript submitted as hardcopy and posted to your blog;
  • +/-500 word rationale posted to blog and submitted as hardcopy;
  • process work posted to blog

Final Project Evaluation

Concept and Ideas 25%
Developing a creative and unique portrait based on the project guidelines, and ability to experiment with and within the format of the project. Demonstrated understanding of the project parameters, goals and objectives. Formal and conceptual integration. Level of practical, technical, visual and scholarly research conducted.

Refinement of the Concept 25%
Demonstrated ability to take the original idea/s and develop/improve and apply them throughout the projectʼs duration; demonstrated critical evaluation of ideas and solutions; demonstrated level of engagement with project;

Skills 25%
Translation of ideas to visually and technically refined forms. Technical and aesthetic quality and control of the final portrait, in terms of composition, spatial and temporal considerations, registration, choreography of elements, motion quality and timing, sound design, editing etc… and careful attention to detail.

Presentation (Paperwork and Professionalism) 25%
Completion and quality of all deliverables; rationale; active participation during critiques and peer-review; ability to address class and instructor feedback and questions in a professional manner.                                           

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