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Project Spec's

Written by Franci Duran

Communication Studies and Multimedia – MMEDIA 3H03—Advanced Digital Animation—Winter 2012

Book Trailer
Deliverables: Statement of intent; script/boards, colour and motion studies

Visual and aural approach: Any animation technique or combination of animation techniques (including techniques that include the composting of video footage). Original sound design that includes: voice over and/or sync dialogue,
soundscape and/or music.

  • Statement of Intent and Workflow Sheet
  • Storyboards and motion tests for peer and instructor review
  • Rough Cuts due for class presentation and review
  • Project 2 for desk crits with instructor
  • Final project due for class presentation, and submission of process work

You will create a (maximum) one-minute long trailer for a fiction or non-fiction book that you have a personal connection to. This project is intended for you to build on prior knowledge and skills of animation and moving image media, while developing new ideas and practices that challenge your current competencies. You are asked to plan and make a Book Trailer—pick a book you have read and that is important to you. It can be any kind of book: fiction or non-fiction, a comic book, a cookbook, a textbook—anything. Develop a short piece that speaks to the book and that promotes the book for others (do not synopsize) in a way that encourages new readers. You may incorporate video footage to add an alternative layer of visual and conceptual meaning, but this project must include primarily animated elements, motion graphics and/or compositing. Use illustration, photos, typography, animation (any kind, generated in any way, actuated in any software) to achieve this.

Duration: 30 seconds to 1 minute
Aspect Ratio and frame rate: your well considered decision
All visuals must be original. Must contain an original soundscape
File naming convention: mm3h03_P2_lastnames_w2012
Opening title and closing credit information to include:

Title of the piece
Acknowledgments and book and image citations; MM3H03, McMaster University, your names © 2012

Statement of Intent—Hardcopy due Feb 14 at the beginning of class (worth 10% of assignment)
Two–three paragraph written description of concept, and visual approach and framework and why/how this approach works with/to support your concept. A short description of the book that includes structural and formal elements (i.e. not just plot points). Workflow sheet filled in as per your project details.
Script/Boards/Visual Treatment—Hardcopy, digital files (on DVD) (worth 15% of assignment)

Script or treatment; storyboards or styleframes; a colour study; a short motion study or “animatic”

Rough Cut—Posted to vimeo or youtube before class and ready for presentation to class  (worth 15% of assignment)
A rough cut contains all of your sequences of your movie in order and with audio. Titles, effects, sound design do not need to be complete.

Final Project—Posted to vimeo or youtube before class and ready for presentation to class
uncompressed .mov file (on DVD); final movie posted to your blog; rationale posted to blog and submitted as hardcopy; process work posted to blog (worth 60% of assignment)

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