Saturday, 31 March 2012

A look at rotoscoping

Kiss Animation
found by chance

This is a beautiful example of what rotoscoping can do. First, the animation sequence has a certain charm about being drawn in such a closely related to reality way, and the overall colouring add to the dreamy quality presented by the background decoration. The artist here used 43 frames in total to get the animation. By using rotoscoping the artist can seamlessly alter the image, for example the scene blow is from a TV show, Sherlock, and originally depicted a male and female kissing. By using reference material the artist was able to guess where limbs, eyes, clothing and body movement would have to go.

I thought this animation particularly effective because it incorporates many of the attractive qualities of rotoscoping: accurate depiction of the subject matter, interchangeable content, beautiful art, and frame-by-frame smoothness. I think a project similar to the undertaking of this artist would be highly beneficial to any animator. This art makes me want to try rotoscoping in a serious fashion (that is to say detailed images). Even whilst knowing the pain the effort would cause I feel the end result would be worth it.  

This art has 43 frames and was traced using Photoshop, from a television show. The artist altered the scene.
by Nicole Wilk

kiss animation by ~br0-Harry

br0-harry explains the process below

basically it was just traced from this very gif

and i used next pics to draw John

^ back ref. (but flipped horizontally obviously)

^ elbow and a collar


it was the most problem thing and i tried many images but ended up with these two. well ive been looking at one more with his eyes closed.. but it’s with the wrong angle, but you know better than nothing..
dunno what else to add.. do you still need to see the process of tracing? cuz it’s very boring and surely nothing new in it..

i thot later it wld better to got my own screenshots of that scene from Small Island with higher rez.. slow of me..

hope this helps.. It’s my first animation ffs, i know nothing bout how to do it..

kiss animation monochrome by ~br0-Harry

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