Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Final Production

"What I See"

The completion of What I See was well-received from fellow classmates. The textured backgrounds inspired other students, and a few will be compiling a texture-database as an extra credit this summer for the McMaster media students to come. Overall, I feel the piece is beautiful but wish to re-do the silhouettes in charcoal so that the characters will better match the textured backgrounds, and so the silhouettes will be uniform (I would appreciate if the same style of silhouette was used throughout the piece).
What I see was accepted into McMaster's FRESH event. FRESH is a peer-review event which mostly consists of thesis projects. It was an honour to be selected to present in FRESH as I'm a year 2 student performing year 3 work. 

This animation was created by combining scanned textures to Flash silhouettes. If you wish to know more about the piece then please click here.

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