Tuesday, 6 March 2012


After the animatic's completion the group began their project.  


The issue with Flash is that it is version sensitive. The one available in the presentation room, the mac lab, and on lisa's laptop are all different and that corrupts aspects within the file. Originally we exported the file from Flash to load into FinalCut or Premiere for the audio but the .mov file was corrupted because we used the lab to do this instead of Lisa's laptop when the files had been created on her laptop. Unfortunately, she was not willing to stay with us to export and left as soon as she thought she was able.  Using Flash to add the audio was no better although this is what Lisa suggested we do, and though the file itself was fine, exporting it created both visual and audio glitches. 

Our first roughcut was barely an experience with doubled up audio and glitching visuals that left traces of images on the screen. 


The second rough cut was much better. Nothing had been timed yet as everyone had their own pieces that they worked on. My Backgrounds had been completed and sent over the internet, and Roshanth had sent Lisa the length times of the animation clips as he was in charge of audio, this included assembling the pace of the piece by the audio interview recording. 

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