Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lipsyncing example Anime Music Video

Experienced at a panel during an event

Whilst at a convention the creator of Creative Black Space participated in a panel and explained the process lip syncing process. Though I had experience in Premiere, when he started explaining After Effects and the difficulties of adjusting the characters mouth when the shadows of moving bars appeared in the AMV, I thought the process interesting but had no idea how to go about lip syncing, or the process, prior to the panel.

Over the course of editing anime to incorporate a musical aspect, lipsyncing has become not just a trend, but a method of AMV rating at such sites as I believe mastering the technique in a fun setting such as amv's will allow the user more creative freedom, and feedback from the audience that the use of popular media provides. The video below is a mix of anime's that uses lip syncing as both the content and audio of the piece.

√Bestamvsofalltime ▪ Lip Bomb AMV 



Check out this tutorial from





When amv's were still creating its norms and people had yet to figure out the current methods of editing (and sharing what they've figured out), lip syncing was a simple process of using the lip movement that already existed and timing the scene, or repeating that scene providing it was just the mouth moving. This was both trickier and easier and can provide working results, if not the control After Effects can provide to the editing process. 




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