Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Animation Process with Nicole Wilk

Creating The World

The world spinning was a tricky concept and one that would involve a lot of effort.

How To Make The World
  1. Buy a sphere surface (my case a styrofoam ball)
  2. Hand-paint the ball
  3. Use something to stick into it (a toothpick)
  4. Set up a camera on a tripod 
  5. Rotate very slowly the world until you've circled around
The background:

I used a black piece of cloth and clustered tiny silver (sparkle) beads over the surface.


After collecting the materials and waiting for the pain to dry I cut another styrofoam ball in half so that the sphere doesn't shift while shooting. I also do not have a clicker (a remote control that will tell your camera to shoot without pushing the shoot button.). Clickers prevent movement of the camera from the pushing of the button action, and also reduces handling the camera.

The Set-up

The result


Take 2

Take 3

Take 4
The Frames

The result was that the globe clashed with the animation style of the video. So I had to convert the globe into our animation style. 

To do this with the ocean:

  1. take the stop motion shots of the globe with a camera
  2. open the shots in a single photoshop document and align them together 
  3. take the artistic material you wish to convert the shape into, and back that a background
  4. using the marquis tool cut out on the same y-axis the circles, and shift the circle over by an increment of your choosing (but the same increment each time) on the x-axis. 
  5. re-align your cut out spheres

To do this with the land:
  1. using tghe same stop-motion images that are aligned in your photoshop document, you will create new layers with masks. The masks will contain a trace of the earth that you've performed with the marquis tool.
  2. On my version I shifted the earth over by an increment as I did with the ocean. You may prefere to not have the eath shift, but to keep it still.
  3. I then applied some layering effects that mostly create light and shadows on my 2-D texture.

Cutting up the oceans

The Process of cutting out the ocean

A closer look

The earth - hand traced each frame
Earth Frames
Finished Frames (png)


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