Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Interview Process

This project incorporates an animated interview. My group wishes to look at the multicultural aspect of Canada by interviewing a recent immigrant and finding out her thoughts about living in Canada.

Interviewer: Ying Shan       Interviewee: Di Bai

Why did you come to Canada?
I came to Canada because my parents wants me to get a better education.

Do you think Canadian people are kind and easy to make friends with?
It's is easier to get along with Canadian people because Canada is a
multicultural country. People came from many different countries and
they are friendly and happy to help people.

How does living in Canada differ from living in China?
In Canada, there are many houses and condos. But in china there are
more apartments and houses which are for rich people mostly.

What challenges do you face in Canada?
I think language is the most hardest problem for me. Sometimes I don't
even understand what our teachers and classmates say in the classroom.

Contrast teachers at High School between China and Canada…
Teachers in community schools are very nice and they are always
patient with students and homework are much less than Chinese school.

Contrast school life between China and Canada…
There are only four classes every-day. and school ends at 3.30 which
is more earlier than Chinese school.

What do you find most interesting about Canada?
The most interesting thing about Canada is Multi-culture. I can make
many friends who came from different countries and understand many
different cultures from them.

What is your favourite part of China that cannot be found in Canada?
My favourite part of china is the food. I really miss my Chinese food
which I can't eat in here.

What is your favourite part of Canada?
The best thing for me in Canada is fresh air and Canada has very nice
environment to make me feel so much better than china.

What is your plan for the future?
For my future planning, I'm in second year and I will go to the
university and after I graduate from university I will find a Job in
Canada. Hopefully I will enjoy my Canadian life later on.

Thank You!

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