Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The People Involved


Group Leader
Background Artist
Opening & Credits Animator

Nicole has graduated Delta high school in 2004 and was rewarded a plaque for her artistic performance. In high school she studied the fine arts, sculpture and photography.

In 2006 Nicole graduated Mohawk College of Applied Art and Technology with a diploma for Graphic Art And Design.

In 2007 Nicole graduated Mohawk College of Applied Art and Technology with a diploma in Comic Design And Scripting.

Since then Nicole has studied art and technology and enrolled at McMaster Universities' Multimedia program where she has completed seven multimedia courses: The Digital Image, Multimedia & Digital Society, Design Fundamentals, Vector Graphics, Introduction to Video, Introduction to Audio, & Introduction to Animation. At the time of this project's creation Nicole was studying Advanced Animation, Programming Fundamentals, and Information Technology.         

I am an Animations Student at McMaster University with a background in Graphic Arts and Comic Design & Scripting from Mohawk College.

I believe art is experimental in and of itself within both the realm of fantasy (abstract) and reality (accurate renditions of life), thus presenting endless possibilities for creation, experimentations, and chances for learning in both the ever expanding and upgrading program software available, such as Adobe After Effects, but also in the materials now more accessible than ever, as well as cheaper equipment. With endless ways to create available I believe the medium being the message is an important concept. The way in which the thought is expressed is important.

Audio Master 

Student at McMaster University, majoring in Multimedia

My name is Roshanth Nadesapillai. I'm a third year Multimedia Program student at McMaster University. I was initially educated in the communication studies, and somewhere along the way I fell in love with graphics and I've been a practicing graphic designer ever since. Graphics are something I’ve become very passionate about over the years and I believe that we all need passion. It’s what drives us, moves us and forces us to change the world around us.  I’m very passionate about many areas of interest, and I strive to have massive influence by applying my passion for graphics to as many of them as I can.

My thoughts and imagination are my most precious resource. Everything begins there. I would say that they are the heart of my graphic design. I communicate these thoughts and ideas, observe, invent, experiment, grow, create, and enjoy. To me, its all about It's creativity. It's about passion and creating a work that is enjoyable and fun and at the same time showing my art. My passion for graphic design started even before I was aware there was such an art. I loved making posters for school projects back in elementary school and this love for arts in general and graphic design in particular grew with me over the years. I make beautiful things to inspire thought and action. In my designs, I capture the essence of an idea with images, to move people toward a purpose. I understand that great design is about communication.



Ying is a student at McMaster University, majoring in Multimedia. He moved from China to Canada to study multimedia and economics in 2009.

 My name is Ying Shan, a second year multimedia student at Mcmaster university.

    I am passion for animation, break dance and digital art design. I'd like to spend unlimited time to work on digital media and art design project. In my opinion, media art is fantastic and amazing. It can describe our daily life in various ways and open our eyes to discover the wonder of the world. Also it may drive us in  different perspectives to watch and think about our life. I believe in the future, the digital media art will be gaining ground in this world, and that may lead our life be more vivid.

Head Animator

Student at McMaster University, majoring in Multimedia with plans to specialize in Animation and writing . Lisa graduated high school at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology in Clovis, California.

My number one interest in this course is classic, 2D animation and the methods of producing it, both traditionally and digitally.  I’m interested in increasing by abilities with programs such as Adobe Flash.

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